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Most buyers who start their search with MHL already know where they want to live, but sometimes the right house isn’t on the market for them. This means that having 3 locations that comfortably suit you can prevent you feeling disappointed when looking for an ideal home. Whether your looking because it’s your first time moving or perhaps you are looking for good schools or commuting access, then these are all valid places to start with your search.

Starting your search should begin with you and your needs from a home, whether it be a flat, house or bungalow. What home buyers can fail to recognise is that looking for a nice house doesn’t necessarily mean any house or flat will be the ideal home. A house should be a home and bare it in mind that looking for a new place to call home isn’t the only place you should conduct a search. Remember you are not only looking to eat and sleep in your home you will want to enjoy the area, be close to people and amenities.

DID YOU KNOW: Ashton in Makerfield means: “The Ruin In The Clearing”

Heritage of Ashton-in-Makerfield

Ashton In Makerfield certainly has characteristic qualities to its heritage. Most small villages have staple indications that make it a village, for example a church. Victorian St Thomas’s Parish Church used to be the life blood of many residents for Sunday mass, but as religious beliefs have over the years began to dwindle, this has not deterred from why people choose to live in the suburban area of Ashton in Makerfield. There are many reasons to choose to live in Ashton as the offering of a sleepy village does often appeal to buyers making it a more attractive place to live for all.

Schools in Ashton-In-Makerfield

Moving to an area for the purpose of locating children to a new or better school are both valid reasons to move. You can view a schools Ofsted report which can be requested through the schools official website or sometimes accessible through downloading, giving you the peace of mind to what recommendations they have been given and the opportunity to make an educated decision to what you feel is right for the education of your child.

For families moving into the area who are interested in the educational prospects that Ashton-in-Makerfield has to offer, there is one primary school and two secondary schools that children can attend.

Life In Ashton in Makerfield

Ashton in Makerfield provides a colourful mix of traditional and modern retailing offering a wide range of quality goods and services. A weekly focal point for many residents is the outdoor market. Close to the M6 means you have plenty of nearby towns and cities accessible by the M6 motorway. Shopping amenities are close by and accessible by bus. Many locals use the train to commute to Wigan Town Centre which has been improved ten fold to accommodate for a mixture of shoppers and workers in the Greater Manchester district.

Relaxing after a busy week at work doesn’t have to resort to using the car or transport to enjoy the surroundings of Ashton in Makerfield. At approximately 7 miles wide with 3 parks, there are plenty of ways to take a stroll or exercise. If you have teenagers, the skate park in Ashton can prove a energetic and interesting sport for youngsters to learn. It is free and projects like this are being set up like this all over the UK.

The quintessential pinnacle of living in a small residential community is having a nice local friendly pub where locals relax. Ashton in Makerfield has 12 public houses all offering something different to suit your mood and tastes. At night, locals refer to the village as “Ash Vegas” due to its bright lights.

Want To Rent Or Buy In Ashton-In-Makerfield?

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